About this game

A fun game for math lovers. You can play in both languages(TR/EN)

Math Miner is math game version of the Classic Gold Miner game.If you're looking for a prodigy math game, then you must try Math Miner.

Use your claw and collect with hook the 4 answers that match to the question you have been given out of the earth. Your claw will swing back and forth. Tap screen to lower it. Once it has grabbed something it will reel it up. Heavy objects like large pieces of diamond will be harder to reel up.

If you don't like a question and you simply have a craving for going on, you can change question anytime you want.

Between levels you can win items from the bonus wheel

- Addictive gold miner game play
- Free offline game that does not require internet connection
- Easy to play
- Autosave, you can go back to play anytime you want.
- Multi-Languages

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