About this game

ColoRings is a classic addictive color sort game. Solve the puzzle by sorting colorful rings. All you have to do is arrange the rings! Use your logic and arrange colors correctly.

As the levels advance,the game's complexity increases,truly testing your skills and patience.But remember,even when the going gets tough,there's no time limit.

How to play ColoRings?

* Select a stand and click to move the ball on it, then click another stand to string the ball.
* Only one ball can be moved at a time, and a stand can only hold up to four balls.
* The aim is to sort balls of the same color into the same cylinder.
* You can only move the ring if it's linked to the same color and there's enough space on the stand.
* Avoid becoming stuck if at all possible. But don't worry, the level can be restarted at any time.

Getting bored? Want to train your brain and keep your mind active? Then ColoRings is for you!

Play OFFLINE/FREE at any time, anywhere either phone or tablet!

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